Post-doc offer Integrating Land-based

Post-doctoral research position (2 years) on Integrating Land-based mitigation measures for agriculture in Europe and assessing their impacts on food security and the environment


¡ This post-doctorate is part of the CLAND project. Work will be carried out at the INRAE-AgroParisTech ECOSYS UMR "Functional ecology and ecotoxicology of agroecosystems" ( located in Palaiseau (91, France). The CLand Convergence Institute ( is funded by the French national research agency for ten years (2017-2027) gathers the efforts of more than 100 researchers in the Paris Saclay area from key institutions in the field of climate change impacts, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental impacts and land use socio-economics. The ECOSYS unit hosts approximately 110 permanent agents, including about 50 researchers and teacher-researchers. The UMR's work aims to address the functioning of agroecosystems and their relations with the environment.

¡ From a climate change point of view, agricultural lands are both part of the problem and the solution. Agriculture is facing new and sometimes contradictory challenges: the need to increase crop yields to feed an increasing population, combined with the constraint of reducing adverse environmental impacts in terms of GHG emissions, fertilizer and pesticide inputs, water and energy consumption, or biodiversity loss. Agriculture is also a key proponent in the deployment of land-based climate change mitigation measures (LMM), which aim at reducing GHG emissions from terrestrial land and even creating negative emissions via soil C sequestration or bioenergy pathways including carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

You will be in charge of:

  • defining agronomic scenarios for the deployment of a portfolio of land-based climate change mitigation measures (LMMs) over the next decades,
  • assessing methodologies to evaluate these LMMs at the European and/or French scales (availability of data (meta-analysis), modelling approaches, etc.),
  • estimating their impacts on food security and the environment as well as perform an overall cost/benefit analysis.


¡ Recommended training: PhD in the domain of agricultural science and/or biogeoscience.

¡ Skills required: data management, agricultural practices and biogeochemical cycles.  Good proficiency in English is required (French speaking will not be a selection criterion).

¡ Experience: Command of R programming and GIS is a plus. You are familiar with recent research on climate change, impact evaluation and land use changes.


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